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David helps individuals, schools, families, and organisations create enriched environments to harness and grow the amazing potential of our minds and the brains that create and support them.

David graduated his undergraduate degree with first class honours before completing his Doctor of Clinical Psychology. He was a recipient of the La Trobe University Postgraduate Scholarship and the Australian Postgraduate Award, while also being awarded a Research Training Scheme position from the federal government of Australia. He has experience in a variety of positions in the public sector, including The Royal Melbourne Hospital, community mental health, and community corrections. He has also worked as an honorary research fellow at the University of Melbourne’s School of Behavioural Science.

Since cutting his teeth in these roles, David has gone on to establish his own private practice and workshop series. As clinical director, David leads his group of clinical psychologists at You Psychology, while his engaging and practical presentation style has entertained and informed teachers, psychologists, counsellors, teens, and parents during his various workshops ran throughout Australia.

He has also pioneered the Braingrow Program, a whole of school wellbeing program using the latest neuroscience research to provide school age students with a range of tools to improve social, emotional, and educational capacity.