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Neuroscience driven
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Dr David Collins - Clinical Psychologist


David helps individuals, schools, families, and organisations create enriched environments to harness and grow the amazing potential of our minds and the brains that create and support them.

David graduated his undergraduate degree with first class honours before completing his Doctor of Clinical Psychology. He was a recipient of the La Trobe University Postgraduate Scholarship and the Australian Postgraduate Award, while also being awarded a Research Training Scheme position from the federal government of Australia. He has experience in a variety of positions in the public sector, including The Royal Melbourne Hospital, community mental health, and community corrections. He has also worked as an honorary research fellow at the University of Melbourne’s School of Behavioural Science.

Since cutting his teeth in these roles, David has gone on to establish his own private practice and workshop series. As clinical director, David leads his group of clinical psychologists at You Psychology, while his engaging and practical presentation style has entertained and informed teachers, psychologists, counsellors, teens, and parents during his various workshops ran throughout Australia.

He has also pioneered the Braingrow Program, a whole of school wellbeing program using the latest neuroscience research to provide school age students with a range of tools to improve social, emotional, and educational capacity.


Your brain is the most powerful and complex thing on the planet. You are born with millions of brain cells called neurons. Each of these cells can connect with as many as 10,000 other cells, creating pathways that carry messages about how you think, feel, and behave.

Braingrow is a whole school wellbeing program that uses the latest neuroscience research to provide students with a range of tools to improve social, emotional, and educational learning. The program begins at foundation level and carries into secondary school. Braingrow focuses on enhancing each student’s capacity at a neural level, to help develop young people capable of thriving with resilience and an overall sense of well being.

Visit braingrow.com.au for more information

Workshop Series

David provides a range of workshops to primary and secondary schools, as well as businesses. The workshops are organised into modules, with each module expanding on a relevant subject area.

Clients have the choice of selecting one, some, or all of the workshops on offer. These range from 2 hours to full day workshops. The workshops span the following areas:

  1. Creating a brain friendly school
  2. Creating a brain friendly business
  3. The brain on motivation
  4. The brain on leadership
  5. The brain on happiness
  6. The brain on decision making
  7. The brain on stress management



Practice Location:

242 Ascot Vale Road, Ascot Vale, VIC, 3032

Phone (03) 9077 5614

Fax (03) 8799 2338

Email enquiries@davidcollins.com.au

Dr David Collins

Clinical Psychologist
Co-Founder MiBrain
Director YouPsychology